Welcome To Our House

We made the move to Medicine Hat, after all was said and done it turned out to be easier in some ways than we thought it would be and much harder in others. 

We bought this house because we have heard nothing but great things about the area. It was the lowest valued house available in the area. After a number of years of without any major work, the wear and tear was starting to show.

Which turned out to be more than we could know, until we took walls down. But at the end of the day it’s peace of mind, knowing that everything in the house is being brought up to modern standards. 

My eldest son and his wife, his Mother In Law and my Mother have all moved to MH as well. Seemed like a great place to settle. 

The home was built in 1955 in an area of MH (my short form to save me from having to write out Medicine Hat all the time) that they tell me is called The Hill and it is amazing, quiet and quaint with so much upside. 

I have decided that I am going to replace the bottom pic on this page with a pic as each new exterior task is complete. The full collection of exterior pics will have their own section but for now you see my current steps. 

That’s a wrap for now folks, we have been tinkering inside and being our first full winter using the whole house we have found some surprises to say the least. Stay tuned a big new project coming when the spring appears.

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