Family Room

This area is going to be the hardest to keep track of and keep up to date with its progress. It’s been used for so many different purposes and it’s now slowly starting to take shape. I think the images will give you an amazing idea of how it started and how it’s looking now. 

This room is in my opinion the jewel of the lower level. Yes it’s going to have some built in features and it’s quite spacious but more important than that, it has been upgraded to modern times. It now has actual insulation and proper sealing and vapor barrier. All the studs were corrected to be on 16″ centers to make installing stuff logical again. 

Plus the awesome dual zone HVAC system to deal with the difference between upper and lower level needs.

I fear that the pics as they sit right now, might not make the most sense in the world but I’ll do my best to group them and tell the story as you READ THE CAPTIONS

*Update* so it seems the latest pics have prompted questions haha. Yes we call this a family room as for 99% of families out there this is where they have all their family room type stuff. For us it’s our safe room if you will. My home office, my son’s computer station and a couch and chair to enjoy movies on the big screen with the fireplace going. This is NOT a place where we have guests, it’s just our little family cave if you will. We get that’s not a common use of such a huge room but it works for us. Hope that explains it’s use better. 

I have added a video, meaning this room is complete construction wise. Yes lots of decorating and odds and ends need to be added and I will of course update the video when 100% complete but this is a great start… enjoy. 

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